TBU Productions will once again offer a unique tool for captivating Schenectady’s youth; this time by exposing the current epidemic of teenage pregnancy in Schenectady.

Fast Life

In every city, in every high school, every child is challenged to make a choice – walk the straight and narrow path, which can seem like a slow death, or follow the crowded highway of a Fast Life.

Breathing Lights

With this project, Told By Us (TBU Productions) aims to explore and communicate social challenges from the perspective of youth through the production of film and music.

Making an Impact


During the 7 years that the program has existed there have been several hundred students who have participated, and over a thousand who were impacted by the program in some way. Students credit the program for giving them a reason to come to school, or to get good grades. Some have considered higher education because the program has shown them what they are capable of. Many feel that the mentorship and support they received helped them to graduate.


When Fast Life debuted, many parents reported that their eyes were opened to what their child was experiencing. It provided them the insight and motivation to offer a stronger support system, as well as a tool for opening dialogue about the topics addressed in the film. Futhermore, many reported their surprise and amazement of the talent ported by the students, which led to a feeling of pride and appreciation that had not been felt previously.

Service Providers

Fast Life has been used by countless service providers to train their staff to help to better understand the lives of Schenectady’s young urban population. The film is seen as providing a unique and illuminating view of the real challenges that kids face growing up in Schenectady, and ideas for potential solutions. Furthermore, the program gives service providers direct access to their target population in an environment where kids feel safe and respected.


As a truly community based initiative, Fast Life drew on the support of several hundred students, teachers, and community members to make the film a reality. As a result, the film provided an anchor for these individuals to work toward a common goal, and fostered a great sense of pride and community upon seeing the results of their combined efforts. Future projects produced by TBU Productions will take a similar approach on an even larger scale.