Meet the Director: Prince Sprauve

Prince Sprauve
Artistic Director, Producer, Writer, Youth Advocate
Fast Life

Prince Sprauve is an independent film producer, and Artistic Director of Revolution Studios. Revolution Studios is a youth centered program that fosters creative expression and is designed to be a safe haven for high school students. It was designed to be a place where at risk students come to express themselves in creative ways and escape negative influences.

Sprauve can relate all too well to the struggles young teens face. Born February 16, 1985 in Brooklyn’s Fort Green Housing Projects, Sprauve was the product poverty and violence. His mother gave birth to him at the age 15. His father passed away at the age of 13; only three days after his son’s birthday. Though Sprauve and his family lived in poverty, he was gifted and displayed leadership qualities. Despite positive opportunities, Sprauve became a product of his environment. His home life was in peril, he and his mother were the victims of domestic violence and abuse. Soon Sprauve found himself dropping out of high school, joining a gang, and being pulled in the direction of negative influences. On the fast track to disaster, Sprauve was forced to move out of his environment and relocated to Schenectady, to live with his grandparents.

Deciding to make a change, Sprauve went to Washington Irving and received his GED. He soon joined a local church (New Bethel Community Church of God in Christ) and became a Christian, Deacon, and Media Ministries Coordinator where he is a part of the Public Relations Media Ministry. Sprauve assisted in the creation, building and launching the church’s website (, facebook as well as their Media Youtube site. Sprauve found support and encouragement from the Pastor Vincent E.Teague and his wife Mrs. Emma “Nobie” Teague; who encouraged Sprauve to reach beyond his “comfort zone” and sow into his future. With new-found confidence and faith in God, Sprauve found the inspiration he needed in order to stretch beyond his circumstances.

Sprauve decided to apply to the Schenectady City School District in the summer of 2007. He began working in the “GE Wing” under Peter Parisi as a Para Professional. Sprauve’s entrance into the Schenectady City School system brought him in contact with many students who were experiencing similar problems that he’d faced in New York City. From that point on, it became his mission to compel young teens from the streets to find hope. While working in Schenectady High School, Sprauve became interested in filming and directing. Under the tutelage of Mr. Connolly, Sprauve learned to use and operate various computer and editing programs and software. Although he had no previous experience, Sprauve quickly adapted and soon excelled in filming, editing and digital engineering.

Upon seeing Sprauve’s success and dedication to his program, he was offered a job as s Technical Para-Professional working in the television studio full time by Mr. Eric Connolly and Mr. Larry Murphy. Revolution Studios soon began to grow, increasing from 15 students to almost 40 students, by 2008 membership doubled to almost 65 students. Students showed such an excitement and commitment that they would meet after school even when school wasn’t in session. Through this program, Sprauve developed  close relationships with the students who began revealing the struggles and personal problems that they were facing. On one occasion, a Schenectady High School student (Stefone Gallman) wrote a song entitled “Fast Life.” Sprauve suggested creating a cinematic music video with an accompanying story line. As the process began, Sprauve noticed that students were continually adding scenes to the video, some even began suggesting lines for a script. Soon students urged Sprauve to “Just make it into a movie!” Sprauve and the students of Schenectady High began to focus on writing a script using real life experiences. Sprauve began to research the process of filmmaking, and soon was flooded with resources such as mentors, teachers, students, local businesses, hospitals, and even Schenectady Police Department all willing to help make the vision into reality.

Sprauve proudly proclaims that “Fast Life” is a collaborative effort between students, teachers, and community. Not only is it a creative expression that offers much more than entertainment, “Fast Life” and Revolution Studios has offered much needed healing. Students who were previously “troubled” and on the fast track to failure have discovered a passion and a purpose. Through this program, Sprauve and parents have noted that students have become serious about their studies and their goals. Student participants of Revolution Studios are graduating and are making plans to go to college.

Prince Sprauve believes that any successes that he’s gained can be credited first to God who he testifies has transformed his life, his mother, his church family, family members, friends who have supported him, the students of Revolution Studios who show that change is possible, and that despite our circumstances, we don’t have to settle for less. Prince Sprauve is also a single father. He works hard for his daughter (Victoria) and his little sister (Blessin) both whom he is currently raising. He is determined to make a better life for them. He prays that they will be encouraged by his success and hard work, and endeavor to have positive successes of their own.

Fast Life would not have been made possible without the parents, teachers, and the community who have pooled together to support our children. Most importantly, Sprauve believes that no matter how negative our story, we can reach out to others and help one another heal and this is only the beginning! To learn more about the upcoming Independent Film “Fast Life,” visit, our Facebook fan page “Fast Life,” or you can contact Prince Sprauve at,